Nine tweets radio staff should be tweeting in 2014

Broadcasters and content-creators have their own problems with Facebook’s newsfeed changes at the moment, and that’s why Twitter is a strong prospect for social sharing, building your brand, being amazing and encouraging your target demographic to #JoinTheConversation. Most social media training that exists today is focused on brands that sell products or services, not brands […]

14 free radio ideas for 2014

Most people spend Boxing Day battling the sales or consuming mass amounts of sports on TV, but me, I drop my wife off at the shopping centre and have a few thoughts over a long black. This morning I was thinking about how radio could be different in 2014 and the Albert Einstein line “Insanity: […]

Ten things I learned in Bali

Don’t drink the water, or anything really, unless it’s from a can or a sealed bottle The footpaths are designed for scooters, not feet. They should rename them to scooterpaths. Hecklers are best ignored, unless they make outrageous claims like “everything $1” or “hey I know you” then you are within your right to follow […]

Some of my best friends are quitters

Don't stop believing

Some of my best friends are quitters. And amongst most people I know that wouldn’t be a positive statement. To be a quitter in modern Australia goes against every little battler’s great Aussie Dream. ‘Quitters never win and winners never quit’ is the popular encouragement that you’ll hear coaches say, and even the cast members […]

My favourite Cheeto Cannon tweets

My mate Zach made a video last week that went ‘viral’ in the USA but virtually no-one in Australia knows about it. Here are my favourite tweets about the Cheeto Cannon. This is a Cheeto cannon ( — Digg (@digg) July 12, 2013 A Cheeto cannon is a genius idea (if it worked better) […]

Community radio should be cut off

The CBAA’s ‘Commit to Community Radio’ campaign is in full swing, with support from more than 40,000 Australians, including ARIA award winner Gotye, legendary broadcasters Roy & HG and John Safran and a personal idol, Andrew Denton, and yet, I think  community radio’s ‘digital future’ isn’t on digital radio and it should be cut off […]

15 pieces of advice for my unborn son

Your dad thinks the world of you and will support you through anything. Your mother is my greatest treasure and gets my upmost respect and trust. You should treat her even better than I do. Let music be your mistress. Never underestimate the power of doing chores unasked. Never miss a practice and I’ll never […]

Year one

I’m arguably the most hopeless person you’ve met. Just ask Ash, or Lawrence or anyone else that knows me well. Hopeless. I dream big though. 365 days ago, my dreams became words. And my words became messages. And those messages became a relationship. And that relationship became a marriage. One year on I’m happier than I’ve […]

Happy 17th birthday, Chloe

To my baby sister Chloe, I’m writing to you in public blog for a few reasons. I tried calling you but your phone is off, I tried Facebooking you and you’ve deleted me, but also because our famly affairs have caused so much heartache for me this year and I’m inspired by a scripture I […]

Like Ships In The Night

Ships in the night are not unlike the plethora of music today, always passing you by. Songs plastered across Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, in retail stores, on bittorrent, the radio and TV, it’s hard to trust someone even when you see the album being played on their Facebook page almost every day. That’s Mat Kearney’s fourth album, “Young […]

The Vespers, under review

Bruno and Taylor, two brothers, saw two sisters with “ghostly, haunting and honey sweet” harmonies, playing at a campfire of all places. They talked, they jammed and now they play together in a band called The Vespers. If you didn’t know any better you would have imagined the storyline would include Bruno and Taylor courting […]

Music Review: Strahan

The mysteries of God and life is the self-imposed description given to me by Auckland singer-songwriter Stahan Coleman. One of the highlights of the recent Parachute Music Fesitval in Hamilton, Strahan’s honest song of the mysteries of God and life is more an alm to a tattered soul than an instruction or a message to […]

Hard to believe

“I was on the street and I saw a friend of a mine, all of a sudden, I hadn’t seen in years. Guy named Dean. We went to high school together. Last time I saw him was like five years earlier when Dean and I were doing a roofing job together on top of a […]

Leaving Port

When I first started with the company now known as Southern Cross Austereo in early 2004 I was simply stoked to be working in the industry. Since then I’ve been given opportunity after opportunity on group and local levels and after 7 years that has culminated in me having my dream career in Port Macquarie […]

Deas Vail, a review.

The best recommendations in life come from good friends, so when Relient K’s Matt Hoopes tips his hat toward Deas Vail, wake up and realise that you’re not friends with Matt at all but would like to be, so take his new music advice on board and grab the free download of Deas Vail’s new […]

Why Gender Based Equal Rights Are a Crock

Today is International Women’s Day, a day that celebrate’s whatever the adverts on TV say we celebrate, but the big issue this year according to the TV and print media is equal pay and equal representation in leadership. If those are the really big issues affecting women this year then I’m looking forward to International Men’s Day […]

Value of My Soul

Using the bathroom at Australia Fair on the Gold Coast is often not a testing experience, unless they’ve not been cleaned. But this morning I was tempted and a tested for the 10 seconds that followed. I found a medium sized leather purse, in the mens toilet, with nothing but a receipt and $90 in […]

100 Truths

Things you do on a long road trip hey … Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are HAVE to write a note with 100 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. Tagged means “I’m interested in knowing what your 100 truths […]

5 Reasons You Should Join Twitter

Simplicity – Twitter is so simple! There’s no features, plugins, addons or extra things needed. You simply sign up at, you’ll follow people, get people to follow you and then you tweet (post an update). Simple! It’s a Now Thing – Twitter is a now medium. That means when something happens now it’s on […]

Day 6: Favourite Superhero and Why?

Batman. My favourite superhero is Batman for the same reason that Batman appeals to so many people, he’s reachable. A superhero that I could be if I really actually wanted to be. He’s the superhero that the Police don’t know how to take, the city is divided over his trustworthiness and he could impregnate you […]

The Day of 10s Challenge

Here’s a cool idea that I think could take off this weekend Take a photo of yourself, where you are at 10:10:10am on this Sunday, the 10th of October (the 10th month), 2010. That is 10:10:10 10/10/10. It’s the Day of 10s Challenge. Blog it, Flickr it, Facebook it, YouTube it or Tweet it with […]

Day 4: A Habit I Wish I Didn’t Have

Tapping. I’m a tapper. I’ll tap on anything, anytime, anywhere. When I hear people say “I’d tap that” it takes a second take for me to realise they’re talking about a different kind of tapping. I’ll tap to any song ever played on any piece of material. No matter my location or my present company I’ll be tapping and […]

Day 1: Recent Pic and 15 Facts

I once was locked up in the Mackay Police Watch House as a result of not wearing a bike helmet. I only spent one night there luckily. Jail food is not all it’s cracked up to be. I smoked cigarettes for years but quit after I woke up one morning and didn’t feel like smoking […]

30 Day Blogging Challenge

There’s about 4 people on the planet (who make themselves known to me) that will verbalise their unhappiness about my inaction on my blog. I shouldn’t really wait for them to prompt to write because I actually quite enjoy it, so to kick myself into gear I’ve stolen this 30 Day Blogging Challenge from Seb […]

The Problem With Christianity

It’s balance, that’s the problem with Christianity. As far as a holistic group of people with beliefs, doctrine and common purpose go, we have none of it. Each little group has it’s explicit focus which amplifies some things and forgets others. Some people only read some pieces of literature or the Bible and some people […]